Mike Gellar
photo by Fred Becker

"Guitarist Mike Gellar spends a lot of time ensemble-hopping on his debut album, "Perdido" (Mike's), jumping from duo to quintet settings without missing a beat. Along the way he creates intricately woven guitar essays with Steve Abshire, provides plush chordal accompaniment for trumpeter Chris Battistone's alluring take on "Indian Summer", joins bassist Paul Langosch in fashioning a luminous duet arrangement of "Angel Eyes," and helps Battistone and tenor saxophonist Chris Bacas light up the bebop contours of Charlie Parker's "Mohawk." Yet for all the versatility and technique Gellar displays, what ultimately sets the album apart is the great delight he takes in playing jazz with musicians he admires —- an enthusiasm that colors every performance. "

- The Washington Post